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Personal Training + Fitness Services

Personal Training, physical fitness, boxing, and more.

Notary + Signing Agent + RON Services

Notary Signing Agent services including in-person local service (they’ll even come to you!), Remote Online Notarization (RON), scanning and certifying copies.

Business Entity Formation Services

Do you have an idea but just aren’t quite sure where to get started? Did you GOOGLE "how to start a business" only to find a million options ranging from “free” to $9,000? Can you figure out why one agent will get your FEIN FREE OF CHARGE yet another says it costs $99.99 - $199.99? Look no further.

This team provides:

-LLC application filing assistance

-Obtaining an EIN

-Finding a competent Registered Agent

-Completing your Operating Agreement

-Meeting minutes


Wait for it ...

There is utility in being silly, laughing for no reason, and not taking life too seriously. I was trying too hard to come up with some original name but not dumb like 'Google'. Then it happened. I said a bad word and thought "too bad I couldn't name a business that," but English is only one of many languages... that are all also full of made up words.

'Mierda' hails from Spain and literally translates to 'CUNT', while 'Chon' was coined light years away many millennia ago (or possibly in the future?) on the planet Kling and is Klingon for 'HUNT.' While I didn't intend for it to mean hunt by that point it had already been filed and I liked the ring to it, plus I didn't want to fork out another $100. That concludes the wonderful story of how a simple mistake of a mistranslated word from a made-up language brought the CUNT HUNT of Mierda Chon Holdings LLC to Earth.

Does it make sense? No. Is there any reason that it should? Not at all. If you didn't know what 'getting googled' meant I think we can both agree it sounds like at least a D felony.

What is Mierda Chon Holdings, LLC?

We are a private, US-based holding company that’s been brainstormed for years and finally established in 2023. We hold assets such as private equity, investments, intellectual property, and the controlling interest of presently one subsidiary. Since we are technically a newborn in the business world it will take some time to take everything from POC to final product. Stay tuned!

What's in our subsidieries pipline for 2024 to make your life easier?

Coaching Services

Career | Life | ‘Adulting'

Life Coaching

My mom died very unexpectedly on Mother's Day (of all days) in 2015. She had dedicated her entire life to pediatric nursing and found the most genuine joy in her career. It was inspiring. I didn't know what to do after all the chaos of the funeral and dealing with a POS step-parent who lawyered up as fast as possible and never spoke to me again. I fell into a deep, deep, dark depression. It was really bad. I had thought my life was somewhat on track... I was almost done with an associate degree in management, worked two part-time jobs (slightly over minimum wage), and rented a small house near everyone I grew up with. I thought that was what I was supposed to do. In reality the jobs were both dead-end and I had absolutely zero direction on where I was going (or not going) afterwards in life, but it took a huge loss to realize that. I didn't get out of bed most days and there was no resolve in sight. I didn't know what to do.

Luckily, I lived next door to my best friend who was the sounding board for all of my ideas, she also inspired me and helped with the early formation. That's the story of how the BE DOIN' IT© success system started. I could have never imagined that losing my mom would lead to the creation of something that would help me get through it, and that it wouldn't just stop there but also go on to help others. My mom would have loved it. What initially started as a two-page general outline has been slowly developed since 2015 and will be complete by mid-2024. BE DOIN' IT© isn't magic and it isn't complicated. I hate when someone tells me that I have to "put in the work," but when I ask what that specifically means they have no idea. Fortunately, I figured it out, wrote it down, and can't wait to share it with you when it's complete.

Stay tuned... :)

Career Coaching

In addition to an associate degree in HR management I've also earned a bachelors in business and worked as a agency recruiter for the past 5 years. I am a SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) Certified Professional (CP), Technical Services Certified/Certified Staffing Professional (TSC/CSP) through the American Staffing Association, and I've completed around 20 other certifications ranging from project management to "effectively working with Gen Z."

I've interviewed well over 1,000 people and cannot begin to fathom how many resumes I've read. Enough resumes to effectively put together a running document called "Resume NO NOs" that will be formalized into a program by the end of 2024.

'Adulting' Coaching

Adulting' Coaching is targeted towards those young adults who haven't seemed to grasp the idea of actually being an adult. Have you been waiting 6 years for your now 25 year old son or daughter to wake up one day, learn something NOT from a YouTube video, unglue the phone from the face, go get an actual career (or at least a job) so they can FINALLY MOVE OUT AND SUPPORT THEMSELVES?

Topics covered vary from client to client as everyone has different needs, but generally:

  • Life goals, Career goals, any and all goals :)

  • Using SMART Goals SUCCESSFULLY and finding joy in small achievements.

  • Affirming the positive

  • Social etiquette, manners, and politeness. (or “How to not be trashy")

  • Overcoming social anxiety

  • Principles of applied psychology, marketing, business, and economics.

  • Grammar, syntax, and diction, if needed.

  • Cleanliness and organization; hygiene (if needed)

  • Resume edits/rewrites.

  • Interview prep

  • Job search assistance


Recruiting Services

HR consulting and Recruiting/Talent Acquisition services for other businesses seeking employees in high-demand fields. We specialize in technology and engineering but welcome the opportunity to work non-technical, creative roles.

Resume and Interview Prep

We also work with job seekers who need assistance with resume review, rewrites, and mock interviewing.ere...







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