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*'Adulting' (or just Adult) Coaching is targeted towards those young adults who haven't seemed to grasp the idea of actually being an adult. Have you been waiting 6 years for your now 25 year old son or daughter to wake up one day, learn something NOT from a YouTube video, unglue the phone from the face, go get an actual career (or at least a job) so they can FINALLY MOVE OUT AND SUPPORT THEMSELVES?

I created this system of success simply called BE DOIN' IT after my mom suddenly died in 2015. It isn't magic, and sometimes it takes something tragic to make you realize how to actusally do the growing up. Everyone says "you have to put in the work," but doesn't explain what "the work" actually is. Fortunately, this lays it all out.

The BE DOIN’ IT system focuses on the three pillars I still believe are significant guages of being successful: a strong mind, body, and finances.

Topics covered vary from client to client as everyone has different needs, but generally:

  • Life goals, Career goals, any and all goals :)

  • Using SMART Goals SUCCESSFULLY and finding joy in small achievements.

  • Affirming the positive

  • Social etiquette, manners, and politeness. (or “How to not be trashy")

  • Overcoming social anxiety

  • Principles of applied psychology, marketing, business, and economics.

  • Grammar, syntax, and diction, if needed.

  • Cleanliness and organization; hygiene (if needed)

  • Resume edits/rewrites.

  • Interview prep

  • Job search assistance


Recruiting Services

HR consulting and Recruiting/Talent Acquisition services for other businesses seeking employees in high-demand technical and engineering fields.

Resume and Interview Prep Services

In addition they also work with job seekers who need assistance with resume review, rewrites, and mock interviewing.







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